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this is great, if i may suggest an improvement, you should add some form of lock on targeting and maybe directional attacks ala devil may cry?

I have been dying to see a 3D Mega Man Zero game in the style of Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry 4, or Bayonetta. I guess this is the closest we'll ever get to seeing that happen. I hope you'll implement some of his other weapons from the series like the chain or recoil rod. Keep up the good work and I hope this gets finished!

Crie um jogo de mega man x assim, please .

Sergio Castillo this is awesome but can u please make a game like this but with samurias please man!

this game is amazing, it has such wonderul potential. thank you very much for your work. im playing it on android and it runs great. cant wait to see any updates. please add an option to remove ads, they are obnoxious. i would happily pay 5$ for no ads and to support development. thanks again.


right now im working on other project but im going to return to work in Reploid Zero in January.

You can give me your email and I could send you an APK for Android without Ads (I cant add in-app purchases to googleplay). Also , this PC version doesnt have ads if you want to try it.

Thanks for the feedback and support, and yes, Im going to  add the Hair.

that would be fantastic :) my email is:

thank you!

I like ninja gaiden and this game is so cool! hope you can add more content to it.

The game although small is fun for a while and it relieved me of some stress that I collected all day :) good game, and I wish this game updates more and gets a lot more elements.