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Unknown sounds from the darkness start coming for you.

First Person Shooter survival horror game Killer Zombie , based in enemies waves. 
Zombie Call of Killing enemies will give you points. slender type
Around the Camp you can find "icon weapons" floating that will give you weapons or Ammo for points.
Zombie, defense, Walking,, residence of evil, Battle royale, multiplayer, dead, shooter, 3D, slender man
If your barrier get destroyed, you can make another one for 1000 points. (you can only rebuild when barrier is destroyed)
Find the health packs to get more chances to survive the attacks.
Features: Creepypasta
-10 different zombies.
-First Person perspective.
-3 different Weapons.
-More inclined to survival horror than Action.

You play as a Soldier who have to protect the Camp form Hordes of Zombie Undeads. 
You will have to face Fast ones that are deadly agile and slow ones that can get you and are stronger.
How to win the game?  shoot them in the Head.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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pretty fun game !  The trailer really made me want to try it out and I got what I paid for : zombies ! the weapons feel nice, the animations are cool, and the zombies themselves look great, reminds me of other indie zombie titles like "no more room in hell" or " zombie panic ! source". It has a nice old school and creepy vibe, and I'd love to see it with more maps and content !

The few things I would have a problem with are the itch io page (crediting the artist you used the image from, also the description is really weird, for example when you go " residence of evil, Battle royale, multiplayer, dead, shooter, 3D, slender man" it kind of feels like you want to grab people's attention no matter what, which doesn't make me want to buy the game)

Anyway, keep up the good work ! : D

On Dual screen systems, the mouse does not rotate the screen

Thanks for the observations, I never test the game on dual screen, i will correct that in future!